Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Picture A Day

This is something I wish I would have started doing 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. But I think its something that is never to late to start doing.

I am going to take pictures every day one of each of my kids. Some might miss a day when they are gone, but it will be mostly every day. I know people do this for their kids first year and while pregnant, but for me it started when I was thinking about when to take pictures of Haleigh through out the surgeries.

She may never want these pictures but I think it is important to take them. Not even just for me but for other moms out there that might be pregnant with a baby that is like Haleigh. They might need to see before and after pictures to decide on surgery. Dr. C might need them for parents or even just to show and teach other doctors.

But mainly these pictures are for me to see my kids grow and how they have changed from one year to the next. I will not post pictures everyday, but I plan on making a special slide show the will be posted in 6 months then in a year, for everyone to see. I will post pictures of Haleigh after each surgery so that every one can see how she is doing.

The first should be around the 24th of Feb!

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