Saturday, January 22, 2011

Painting for Haleigh

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight to support Haleigh! And the ones that couldn't come but sent in donations and the ones who were there in spirit and praying!

We had such a good time tonight! And I am so glad we did this and I am thinking of doing another paint night next year, doing it every January, as a fund raiser for Haleigh, it was really that great. I hope every one else had as good as time as I did! I do wish my oldest daughter could have went tonight, she will not miss the next one for sure though.

I hope everyone knows how much it means to us that y'all came out tonight, its always nice to see your friends and family, but tonight you made the effort to get dressed, and drive some of you a long way, to come help us, there are no word to express how grateful Jason and I are. With your help we are going to be able to provide Haleigh with everything she needs and get her there of course! The next fund raising event is not too far a way and as soon as I know details I will be air to post them!

Oh and we are planning a yard sale, so start going through all you old junk so that it can become a treasure for someone else!

Pictures will be posted soon!

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