Friday, January 14, 2011

The Ronald McDonald house

I have been given some helpful information about the Ronald McDonald house. And its very exciting.

We have a house here in mobile and when Landon was in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) the social worker asked us how many miles we lived from the hospital. Families that live 50 or more miles can stay there while their baby is at the hospital for 10 dollars a night and that includes meals! I spent more than that in gas every day.

We didn't live that far so we couldn't stay there. I always thought that your child had to be in the hospital to stay there.

I have found out that kids needing treatment but not needing to stay in the hospital, kids like Haleigh, can stay there with their parents!

I am going to call them as soon as I have a for sure surgery date. From what I can see Atlanta has 2 houses, one of them is on the same road as the doctors office we will go to! Also from what I have been told it's 15 dollars a night unless you are needing to stay long term then its reduced to 5 a night and includes dinner every night along with snacks and of course the other families that you will meet there that know how you feel and what your going through. Even though no two stories are the same, the other parents are also away from home and their support system and this becomes your new support.

They help so many families everyday, that even if they can't help us they are doing great things. I figure the worse thing they can say to us is no, or there is not room, so its worth trying for.

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  1. We utilized the RMH in Chicago and it became like a second home to us. I can't say enough good things. My whole experience with them and the people we met there has been amazing.