Friday, January 28, 2011

Money Savings

Tomorrow morning at 9 am I will be in a coupon class at church! I am so excited, the coupon lady is hopefully going to teach me how to buy stuff for pennies on the dollar! Its going to be so helpful to be able to cut our grocery bill by more than half. With our trips to Atlanta getting closer any where we can cut back is wonderful, and before we cut out other things I think starting with coupons and food is the smart way to go.

We are also making sure everyone turns the lights off when they walk out of a room and water off while brushing teeth, and believe me the youngest kids do this the best, the older ones I feel like I am telling all day everyday.

One other thing is the heater, I wish I had one that locked, my kids get cold and do the put on a sweater, um... No they bump the heat up! I always set it for 68 and down to 65 when we leave the house. But now they know how to use it. I got up the other night sweating, the heater was on 78! Who needs it almost 80 to sleep? No one would say who did it either. So we are all learning something new, to save money. I hope its enough! Oh we got our paint and pals check today ready 360$ YAY!!!
On another note can everyone please pray Haleigh's great grand pop, we would be very grateful! He is sick and in the hospital. We are not sure what all is going on yet, thanks!

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