Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Change of Plans

I got an e mail from Dr.C's office last night, and we got a small set back, a small change of plans. They had to move her surgery date from Feb 22 to March 8th. This date is set though and everyone has agreed. I know in the end its only 2 weeks and everything is going just as it should be going, but being her first surgery I wanna scream WHAT DO MEAN 2 MORE WEEKS!! But I am just trying to be patient although I have never been good at that ever!

So our plan is to leave our home at 5 am on Monday morning, I am going to be taking lots of snacks so that we don't have to stop every time our drinks need to be refilled. We have a nice cooler that plugs into the car outlet we got from Jason's trucking days, we will use that for cold things.

We will stop for lunch, and have Haleigh's appointment with Dr.C around 1 Monday after noon, then we will head to the hotel or the Ronald McDonald house where ever we will be staying. We'll most likely nap then take Haleigh to a park or some kind of open play place so she can run around, we will eat dinner and head back to the hotel.

We will need to go to sleep early because surgery is at 7:15 am Tuesday morning! We will need to be at the hospital at 5:15 am! So up at 4!?! Going to bed early will be a must. I am not for sure but my thought is we will be back at the hotel after lunch but before dinner.

I am not sue how Haleigh is going to feel either buy my thought is she'll feel pretty rotten, so I will probably send Jason for food that night. The next day, Wed, Haleigh will go back to see Dr.C, we will stay one more night then come home on Thursday morning. Sounds like a lot but I think every thing will run smooth.

We will rest and relax at home until the next Sunday. Sunday we will drive back to Atlanta spend the night have an appointment with Dr.C on Monday and drive back that night. We will not have to go back after that until her next surgery 3 to 6 months later!

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